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Our patented tabletop Caddy slips over ground stakes and our PVC stands, providing a convenient way to secure drinks and other stuff when you're on the go and wherever you are!

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About Us

Curt Clause and Dave Flores are cofounders of Tabletop Gear and co-inventors of The Caddy.

We are longtime friends, outdoor gamers and sports fans. Dave owns Flores Construction in Tampa, FL. Curt is a technology entrepreneur residing in Clearwater, FL. Above, we’re pictured playing High Stakes Horseshoes. It’s a game we created as an alternative to standard horseshoes, and it inspired us to invent The Caddy.

Think of HSH as “course-shoes.” We play on a large field with many stakes and varying distances and degrees of difficulty. We call it “High Stakes” because (1) the ground stakes are taller, keeping our Caddy at a convenient height and (2) with a modified scoring system, players can quickly score big points. The Caddy was the perfect companion to our new game (a place to hold our drinks!), and we quickly found MANY other great uses for it. Check out the short video below to learn more.

Introducing The Caddy- Investor Video [02:27]